Google Maps Driving Directions

The best Google maps driving directions is the best and most useful app and website for searching maps online all over the globe on the internet. Google maps driving directions provides services like google maps street view, Google driving directions, Google maps walking directions, Google maps route planner and many different things which are used in our daily life. Working 8 hours a day in your office and after that searching for the roads that leads you to your home, but it can be much simpler by using the Google Maps navigate home which is a less used feature of Google Maps driving directions but very useful and easily accessible. Below, we have given a sample of Google maps driving directions that how it looks like and how you can use it while on the go.

Google Maps Driving Directions

How to get the Google maps driving directions App?

  • Open Google play store, App Store,, windows on your phone.
  • Install the App Or visit the website to get access to it.

Once you have downloaded it you will find the application on the last page of your home screen. Google maps driving directions also available the Google Earth view peculiarity that allow you to see the world from your computer or mobile phone itself. Google Street and mapquest driving directions view can be used by downloading the Google Earth app, You can take help from the above steps to get its application. we hope you’ll love these features of Google maps driving directions which are really awesome and easy to use.

Now, let us tell you how do Google maps driving directions works. So, when you’ll open the application or the website of Google Maps through some search engines like Google, bing, yahoo, duckduckgo, .aol or any other you will find a big globe with some features aside of your window. These peculiarities of Google maps driving directions are walking, Mapquest driving directions, route planner, train, cycling, flight, and two-three more things that you can use. 

Now, it will ask you for the current location or if you are using it on your mobile phone it will automatically fetch you location then asks you about the destination place you want to reach and it the GO button. It’ll now show you a map from your current position to your destination with two-three route reaching that similar point but through different paths. but the best way will be through the blue line which will have less traffic, no construction sites or other barriers that block your road.

The extra feature of Google maps driving directions is that if you open the app you will find some options like Restaurants, Coffee, Attractions, Hotels, Parks, Petrol and more which a close to you or near to you by just fetching your location automatically by Google maps driving directions from anywhere to anywhere.

Trip Planner Google maps driving directions.

google maps driving directions

If you are planning a trip from Manhattan, New York, United States of America, to Harriman, New York, United States of America the best route planner in the world is Google maps driving directions. you’ll just need to open the app or website and in the first blank fill your present location and in the other blank fill the destination and hit the go button. Now it shows the best path is through Nanuet and a new city to reach Harriman, NY, USA from Manhattan, NY, USA. The distance between these two places is 49mi and the traveling time required is 57 minutes with the usual traffic. We can also add multiple stops in our route planner of Google maps driving directions and change the map type from default to satellite and terrain view and also we can choose map details from transport, traffic, cycling. We can explore the different cities from our home with the Google maps street view option.​